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Unipart Group today has built deep expertise in manufacturing, logistics and consulting.
Why this combination? We believe that these areas of expertise provide the skills, technologies
and markets for growth. Our proprietary business system, The Unipart Way, enables us to build a unique range of capabilities to deliver the highest levels of service and innovation for customers and to drive the deepest levels of employee engagement amongst our people. To download our electronic brochure about Unipart Group click here.


What’s special about our manufacturing capability? It's the story of transformation thanks to The Unipart Way.

When Unipart was first privatised, the factories were dirty, our customers were unhappy and our employees disengaged.  Exiting manufacturing was an option advocated by many, but our values demanded that we become the best at what we do. In 1987, we set out to learn from the best and to work with the best customers in the world. 

Today, our factories are first tier suppliers to the world’s most successful car manufacturers and our Teaching Factory is the source of knowledge and inspiration to people throughout our Group as the birthplace of the Unipart Way. Our automotive heritage continues to equip us to build the capabilities to stay at the forefront of productivity and innovation.  

Today we continue to manufacture, in two UK joint ventures, original equipment components with all the necessary accreditation to be a first tier supplier to several prestige vehicle makersUnipart Manufacturing Group designs and manufactures exhaust systems, catalytic converters, fabricated manifolds and steel fuel tanks. Kautex Unipart Ltd manufactures plastic fuel tanks and fuel systems.

In the North of England we provide re-manufacturing services for the railways. Our Rail Service Centres return thousands of products to as-new condition, covering a wide range of railway materials from both infrastructure and rolling stock, thereby eliminating the need to procure new materials.  In the Midlands, we have built the largest UK facility for repairing mobile phones.

Our manufacturing and service operations in the Middle East and the USA are leaders in heat transfer technology and the manufacture of radiators and heat recovery products for both the industrial and automotive markets. Serck Services designs, manufactures and services all types of heat exchangers with a worldwide reputation for effectiveness and durability. For more information, please visit:  

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What’s special about logistics? We know that to help our clients succeed and how to provide them with the widest range of supply chain capabilities  to help them outperform their competition. 

For 25 years, we’ve set the standard in the automotive aftermarket, which is often described as ‘the most complex organisation of human endeavour on the planet’.  We've been continuously building capabilities, systems and solutions for the world’s most demanding clients not only in automotive, but in technology, fashion, and retailing.  To achieve a real competitive advantage, our clients can choose from a wide range of existing capabilities or a combination of skills and capabilities drawn from different parts of the Group. 

We’ve learnt over the years that to help our clients succeed, they need reliable, long term business partners who can choreograph comprehensive solutions to business problems. 

Unipart Logistics' services range from warehousing, fulfilment and engineer support services to reverse logistics. We manage end-to-end, global supply chain solutions that include sourcing, procurement, technical services and business support for a wide range of clients such as Vodafone, Jaguar Land Rover, Sky, Waterstones and Homebase. We also provide a wide range of security solutions including manned guarding, alarm and CCTV monitoring. 

Unipart provides all makes parts for the passenger car aftermarket and commercial vehicles through Unipart Autoparts and is also a global distributor of collision and commercial vehicle parts through  Intertruck Benelux B.V. and Van Wezel Autoparts, based in Belgium.  

The Unipart Group also has a long heritage in the railway industry and is the largest product and service partner for the UK rail industry. We also provide logistics services to the rail industry in Europe and Australia. For more on Unipart Rail click here.  Unipart Dorman is a leading UK manufacturer of LED solutions for traffic control and its name is recognised globally for quality and innovation in signalling and hazard warning lighting technology. For more on Unipart Dorman, click here.

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What's so special about our consultancy? We help organisations of any kind to increase capacity, reduce costs and deliver better customer service. 

Our people are expert practitioners. Through years of personal experience, they have learned how to help organisations to unlock their potential. 

The approach used to achieve this is not new; we have been developing it for the last 20 years.  We have used the experience of our own transformation to help others improve their own processes.   

This proven method has now been adopted by organisations around the world, from manufacturing and banking to healthcare and the public sector.

In addition ,we provide specialist supply chain consultancy that focuses on network and warehouse design, inventory policy and stock integrity, and forecasting and supply chain planning.

As anyone seeking to introduce or improve operational effectiveness knows, the biggest challenge is ensuring that the new methods and their benefits are sustained. We work with you to understand your needs and create the appropriate overall plan.

What is different about our approach is our focus on ensuring high levels of engagement among employees at every level of the organisation. It inspires people to go 'the extra mile' and to develop innovative approaches to problems in the workplace.

Based on our experience in successfully implementing The Unipart Way in our company and many others organisations, we can coach your people in the use of our integrated system that enables them to design, test and implement their own solutions.  This ensures that they take ownership and that the benefits are sustained.

The Unipart Way is not to “do it to you”, we “teach you how to do it for yourself”, thereby ensuring a deep sense of ownership and commitment. For more information, click here.

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