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Unipart has a strong corporate culture and way of doing business which is often referred to as the 'Unipart Spirit'. The philosophies, principles and values which govern these behaviours and set out the company's expectations in all its business relationships are captured in our guide - 'Conducting Business the Unipart Way'

Be part of a culture that inspires and enables employees to seek opportunities for continuous improvement in all they do. If this sounds like a place you would like to work, click here to go to our graduate programme site.


  • The Unipart Way - Unlocking the Potential in People

    The stories from our regular video news programme, Grapevine, demonstrate how people use improvement techniques that make their jobs easier and help them to deliver more for less.

    Learning to use a problem solving system or how to map a complex operation enables a sense of achievement and empowerment that grows with deliberate practice and careful coaching.

    But we’ve learned that even the best improvement tools on their own cannot deliver enough insight into the critical elements of an organisation or help people to understand what really matters to customers.

    That’s why we designed The Unipart Way as an integrated system that links operational performance with customer relationships, employee engagement, capability and leadership in a comprehensive way of working that makes a positive difference in any sector or any operation anywhere in the world.

    To learn how The Unipart Way can help your people to solve business problems and deliver more for your customers, click here